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Welcome everyone, I'm TimeTell. I started streaming in October of 2020 and to be honest this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am mostly a Phasmophobia streamer, since I am one of the Official Phasmophobia Community Content Creators. I have always dreamed about helping others, and now this is my chance. I wanted to create a team that was inclusive and that focused on creating amazing content while also helping others. We are all here for you no matter if you are just starting your very first stream or if you have been streaming for years.
Greetings, I’m LesbianNextDoor (LND she/her 🍁). I started watching Twitch in April 2021 and became an affiliate by May. It’s been a whirlwind and feels like I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants ever since. I'm a variety streamer who lives with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, with a large smattering of ADHD. Been playing Stardew Valley, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Phasmophobia, and bonus streams with LOST ARK and Spiritfarer. Occasionally, I will also do art and cooking streams. After helping to create and organise our first EBGG Phasmophobia Stream-a-Thon, I was promoted to Lead Event Coordinator. Since then, I've been honoured to serve as one of the EBGG Directors. My aim is to make at least one person happy with my stream and to help them have a bit of a better day. So, Hi! Hope you are having a lovely day.
Hello everyone! I’m Cake (OneCakeLady). I have been gaming since I was a kid, growing up with a NES and playing Metroid and Mario with my mom. I have been streaming since 2017. I started streaming because at the time I was running a public Minecraft server and my staff (and friends) made me do it. At the time I had no idea what I was doing and only streamed occasionally. I then started streaming exclusively family friendly content for charity with a group called Extra Life. My stream started growing when I began streaming Among Us on a regular basis, but took off in 2020 with the release of Phasmophobia (again my friends made me do it!). I struggle with chronic pain and have a hectic homelife, so sometimes my streams have to take a backseat. Fun fact about me, when I was in high school I did voice over work for a kids radio show, and after college I was a part of a team studying squid in Bonaire. Oh I totally forgot to say that I am obsessed with coffee... ☕☕ haha
Hi! I'm SparklyGamerGurl or Sparkly for short. I'm a Variety Horror streamer from Georgia but I occasionally will play chill games! I started really gaming in 2020 when my friends got me into Animal Crossing and bought my Gaming PC in march of 2021 to play Phasmophobia and that really started my love for gaming. I started streaming in April of 2021 with the encouragement of friends since then I have grown my little community. I joined EBGG in July and absolutely LOVE the community. Please feel free to stop in chat when I am live! I love making new friends!
Hello! I am Fallen or XxFallenProphetxX (She/they)! I am a legally blind LGBTQIA+ variety streamer that has a very chaotic, close community that shows all the aggressive love! I started streaming back in 2016 but had to take a break due to vision loss and returned at the end of 2021 to try to overcome games by mainly using audio cues now! I try to focus on showing everyone no matter what challenge the world gives you you can still do anything you put your mind to with amazing people behind you!